aerial silk and Lyra group class

upcoming events

Come out and support all the performers at the valentine's 

showcase/recital Feb. 22, 2020 at 4pm 

the spectator tickets are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids 

light snacks and potluck. hope to see you there!

what class can I attend

If you have never touched a fabric or Lyra before the best class for you would be the 6:00pm Mon. or 7:15pm Tue. or 3:00pm saturday, 

do not worry about being strong enough that is why people come to aerial class is to get stronger, if you have all the skills and strength you wouldn't need the class

If you have touched a aerial silk and Lyra before please call or text me at (937)-543-0066 so I can direct you towards the correct class for your level.

More about the class

during your first few classes you will be only 2 feet off the ground we will work on the skills low to the floor till you feel comfortably trying them higher,

 the class is one hour long we will have a 5 min stretch and warm up and then 40 min of time on the silks/lyra then 10min of strength training and 5 min cool down at the end.

prices and current deals


The new students special is 2 classes for $18.00 = $9.00 a class 

or 5 classes for $35.00 = $7.00 a class

The packages for continuing are 

1 class for  $15.00 

6 classes for $75.00 = $12.50 a class 

10 classes for 120.00 = $12.00 a class

What to wear


Women/girls please wear leggings or yoga pants past your knees so you do not get burns on the back of your knees, and please wear a tight fitted shirt that can be tucked in so it does not get stuck in the silks.

men/boys-please wear leggings or sweat pants (so men feel more comfortable wearing shorts over their leggings, but you can also just wear leggings ) Make sure the pants are past your knees so you do not get burns on the back of your knees and please wear a tight fitting shirt that can be tucked in 

Testimony from one of our students



Malaki is the best aerial teacher I have had out of many! She teaches to everyone's individual level by tailoring skills to each student and what is appropriate and comfortable for them, which is great for the beginners and the more advanced students in class. Classes are professional and safe but still fun. I have learned something new in every class and have loved every single one of them! I'm already looking forward to my next class!